(Arch Mud Makers HeadQuarters)

Welcome to The AMM HeadQuarters. This Orginization is for MUDs that want to be
a Arch of Time MUD

                                                   __       __  __     __  __
                                                  /__\     (  \/  )   (  \/  )
                                                 /(__)\     )    (     )    (
                                                (_)  (_)   (_/\/\_)   (_/\/\_)
                                                             .' '.
                                                           .'  RUN'.
                                                         .' BY      '.
                                                          '.    AMM.'
                                                            '.   .'
What is AMM?
(Arch Mud Makers) is a non-profit organization that gives new muds code, area, and advertisment benifits.
What the muds are, of AMM, series of Arch of Time, based off the original mud: The First Milestone.
The muds may be preludes or sequals. A more descriptive list of benifits will soon be listed.
The requirements will soon be listed. If you join now your advertisments will be more obvious and will be
first to be updated.


The First Milestone

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